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Occlusion Confusion
A Practical Guide to Every Day Occlusal Needs of the Patient

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Course Objectives

A course for occlusion analysis and equilibration simplified! Quite possibly the most important dental seminar you will ever take. Make occlusion the focus of your practice because 80% of all dental failures are from occlusal disease. This is for each filling, crown, restoration you do.

With the new ceramics being used today, occlusion and equilibration of treatment is more essential than ever!!

Get comfortable using an articulator and be confident of cast mounting.

You Will Learn Occlusal Principles and Protocols

Learn how to analyze the occlusion via proper diagnostic casts, face bow, CR/CO Joint positioning and accurate and simple mountings on a semi-adjustable articulator. This is a course for patients with a healthy TMJ or mild to moderate neuro-muscular pathology. 80% of your patients are in this category. Learn how to diagnose TMJ symptoms and apply this knowledge to all your patients.

Occlusion can be fun; it is the understanding of the process that has been made so confusing. Dr. Smith is able to communicate in a very quick and accurate way how to equilibrate your next filling, crown, bridge, periodontal case, full mouth reconstruction, orthodontic debanding or implant restoration.

These principles are critical for your patients. The success of your treatment depends on adherence to occlusal principles.

Keep It Simple!

You will receive THE MAP of Occlusion: follow the dots and lines and you will understand occlusion and why it is so important and why it is so easy to deliver occlusal success to your patients.

Occlusion is not just for full mouth adjustment. Occlusal equilibration is critical to EVERY restoration you place!!

This course does not address the advanced TMJ/TMD patients. It is not a course on treating the internal dearrangement capsular pathology. We will address the Piper Class 1 and 2 patients, this is 80% of your patients.

Learn how to PROPERLY deliver a night guard (orthotic). Find out why patients balk at the price and the service. Feel confident you are delivering a useful and needed service!

Find out why so few occlusal equilibrations are performed.

Course Objective

This course is about occlusal principles and will lay the ground work for easy to understand techniques. You will view powerpoint and videos of patients and their reaction to equilibration treatment.

The MYSTERY OF OCCLUSION will be unveiled. It is simple! It is effective!

The unique and wonderful occlusion software by BiteFX will be used to demonstrate principles that are difficult to grasp without this incredible animated visualization program. Patients need quick and effective visualization of their needs for restorative treatment. The BiteFX program gives credibility to your diagnosis and treatment! Dr. Smith uses this every day to explain why occlusion is the most important issue in dentistry. Patients first reaction is always: Why have I not heard this before? And my answer is to all doctors: take this course and you will know the answer!!!

All we, as dentists, really want is to treat our patients to the highest level of care possible. The problem is that there are so many expert opinions that it is difficult to pick a track to follow. DREAM Seminars was formed to give accurate, simplified information that can be used immediately to increase your awareness, credibility, ability and knowledge and confidence to move forward with treatments that you may have been holding back on.

This is a course by a working dentist for working dentists!

You will absolutely use this information, Monday, to better serve your patients and provide restorations with success and longevity!

About Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith has a general practice in San Jose California. He now limits his practice to prosthetic and implant reconstruction treatment. He uses occlusal equilibration techniques every day to bring the long term success that patients expect.

Dr. Smith studied with the original master of occlusion, Dr. Niles Guichet, and was a member of the original Society of Occlusal Studies. Dr. Smith has seen the tremendous need for dentists to be aware of occlusal analysis and diagnosis for proper treatment longevity.

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Course Agenda


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7:30 - 8:00

8:00 - 9:30

9:30 - 10:15

10:15 - 10:30

10:30 - 12:00

12:00 - 1:00

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2:00 - 3:15

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3:30 - 4:30

4:30 - 5:00
Registration and Breakfast

Rationale and Principles of Occlusal Analysis

Occlusal Equilibration Principles


Occlusal Equilibration Cases: Video and Slides

Lunch Provided

Envelope of Function

Neuro-Muscular vs Tooth Based Occlusal Principles


Orthotic Protocols, Design and Delivery

Q & A
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