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Perform Extraction, Ridge Preservation and
Implant Placement on Your Patients!

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Mission Statement
Dr. Smith and the DREAM Faculty are providing a high level of Study for generalists and specialists who wish to increase their implant training, surgical numbers and clinical confidence. This course is based on similar values and direction that early maxi implantology courses provided. The technology has changed drastically but the basic elements of patient safety, doctors' knowledge of current therapy and the delivery of prosthetic treatment remains a constant and needs to be held to the highest standard possible. Dr. Smith will bring current concepts, literature and clinically based, to guide doctors in Diagnosis and Treatment Delivery for SUCCESS. In looking back over 30 years of implant knowledge, DREAM Implant Study Club is bringing doctors an opportunity to Learn Locally and be Mentored and Guided in a nurturing, positive and forward- driven environment.

Purpose of Study Club
Dental Implants have become the sought after standard of care to replace missing teeth. The last 3 years have shown an incredible increase in patient awareness of dental implant treatment. Media advertising by implant clinics, implant manufacturers and health care web sites have brought dental implants to the forefront of consumer awareness! Dental implants are viewed as a necessary health care procedure by the public. This has never been seen before, the future is here and the benefit to you is overwhelming. This course is “generic” as to which implant you have chosen or wish to choose to use in your practice. All implants use very similar protocols. Surgical and Prosthetic issues specific to your individual brand of implant are easily accommodated in this study club setting. DREAM Implant Study Club does not sell or sponsor any specific brand of implant. The faculty of DREAM has and does use many dental implant systems and has or does speak via honorarium for specific implant companies. This study club has no implied or direct sponsorship unless disclosed at a specific meeting. Instruments and dental implant supplies will be discussed as to type and brands. All instruments, supplies and implants have great value and there is no “one best” of anything. The study club environment provides the safety to speak to these issues.

Number of Sessions
DREAM Faculty feels that there needs to be a minimum of 8 sessions in order to provide the information that is needed for each doctor to confidently return to their office to surgically place dental implants. We feel the ratio of cost vs days of learning is of high value with the format we are providing. Additional Study Clubs will be available for learning more advanced protocols and complexity of cases in a controlled environment.

Your assistant is welcome at any surgery session you are performing for your patient. Your implant representative is an important partner in the implant practice and they are welcome, also, at your patient surgery day.

Course Objectives
Implantology is the fastest growing field of dentistry. It is also, potentially, the most complex treatment and offers the most serious complications that we, as dentists, have ever been exposed too. Surgery is Surgery. Surgery must be respected and studied prior to providing this treatment to patients. This course will bring all doctors together to have a common basis of protocols. The opening two days will bring common knowledge to the group and immediately eliminate patient treatment that may lead to negative treatment issues and failures. Dr. Smith has a deep background and understanding of surgical success and also surgical and prosthetic failures. Much of this knowledge is based on personal information and information brought from national implant forums he has attended over 30 years. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning will be direct and understandable to all.

Doctors will be given a criteria for seeking out their implant patients to bring to the club for surgery. The criteria will be on a sliding scale that is dependent on each doctors experience in the surgical placement of dental implants. This is an environment where there are no egos, only learning, no question is trivial because the answer will impact a surgical patient. DREAM wants to offer a unique environment of safety and learning and nurturing of each attending doctors needs. The DREAM staff has the experience that will give doctors firm and immediate direction in all surgical situations.

DREAM Seminars Implant Study Club will have a format where surgeries are done in the morning and cases are presented and discussed in the afternoon. Each session will have a lecture on topics specific to implant surgery and will be at least 2 hours long. Those topics will include extraction techniques, ridge preservation, surgical flaps, flap advancement, membranes, suturing techniques, healing protocols, implant surfaces, bone types and how they impact the surgery, osteotomy generation for success, complications in surgery and post surgery, temporaries, medications, sedation and anesthetics. How to avoid - how to control Bleeding issues. Surgery and blood thinners: know the current medical protocols that the patients need to follow. Learn confidence and be respected for the implant surgeon you are/will become.

Learn how to handle the finances/costs of treatment. Get a realistic idea of the cost of education and outfitting your office for surgery.

Prosthetic issue will be addressed and lecture will include these issues as well. There will be homework and literature search to increase your experience. You will learn from us - We will learn from You.

Please note: this curriculum has been designed to increase your knowledge in present time and for the future. It is not a course to quickly place a great number of implants. DREAM is about didactic learning along with excellent surgical placement with attention to all possible details. CT is mandatory for each patient; no CT, no surgery. Implantology has evolved so much in the last 10+ years. Many doctors are not aware of the stringent protocols necessary for patient safety and ultimately their safety. DREAM will lead you in assessment of your patients total health and how it impacts dental implant treatment. We do not guarantee that you will surgically place a certain number of implants but will accommodate each doctor as much as possible.

Entry to the DREAM Study Club
Copies of the following:
Driver's License
Malpractice Insurance/Addenda for DREAM Address
Dental License
Implant Study Club Application
CPR/ACLS Current Card
Disclosure of any Disciplinary Actions Past or Current

Surgery Doctors:
CE Certificate or Diploma from Implant Training Course(s)
Documentation of Implants Placed (1-5 Implant Case Studies)
Restorative Doctors Only:
No Requirements, Attend All Sessions, No Surgery
Entry Level Doctors:
Please call office for a 4-day certification course to enter the implant study club program.

Please Note
Patient facility will be provided. On-site emergency equipment available that is required by ADA, CalOSHA, Cal Board.

You will need to provide the following:
Patient, assistant, all autoclaved instruments, supplies and necessary medications for your patient to include sedative meds, anesthetics, pre med, post meds, informed consent, pre-op instructions, post-op instructions and contact numbers.


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Session Agenda
Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

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Introduction, Meet and Greet, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning. No Surgeries Scheduled
Diagnosis and Treatment Planning; CBCT Discussion and Interpretation, Presentation of Cases and Confirmation of Treatment
Surgery Morning, Surgery Discussion, Case Presentation, Bone Densities and Osteotomies, Flaps and Suturing
Surgery Morning, Case Presentation, Ridge Preservation, Grafts, Membranes and Implant Uncovery
Surgery Morning, Case Presentations and Complications Lecture
Surgery Morning, Case Presentations, Sinus Grafts: Lateral and Bump
Surgery Morning, Case Presentations, Prosthetic Designs and Abutments
Surgery Morning, Graduation - Presentation of Diplomas
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